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We need your help! Please sign our petition for the Groomer Act that will bring all Groomers under one Governing Body allowing for Universal testing to occur for all groomers to be licensed, thus elevating the education of groomers to a higher level in animal safety, hygiene and grooming skills. We at the NAPGS and many pet owners believe this will increase consumer confidence and above all animal safety and care when your pet is left at the groomers. Leave your comment on this site or email us your support at

You can view the proposed act here: Groomer Act

Groomer Act Petition

I Support the Registered Animal Groomer Act

To The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:
WHEREAS the public is seeking to have all animal pet groomers registered and licensed for the safety and protection of our animals and adhere to a strict code of conduct and ethics.
It is requested that the Groomer Act be law and that a public register is available on line for the public to verify the qualifications of the groomer they are entrusting their pet to.
We the undersigned, petition the Legislative assembly of Ontario as follows: for the Groomer Act to become law thus bringing all groomers under one governing body, allowing for universal testing to occur, and for all groomers and pet grooming businesses to be registered as practitioners, thus elevating the education of groomers to a higher level in animal safety, hygiene and grooming skills. This will offer the public and all pet owners increased consumer confidence and above all animal safety and care when they are entrusted to a groomer/ business for animal pet grooming.

I Support the Animal Groomer Act and I believe that this will increase consumer confidence and, above all, animal safety and care.


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Latest Signatures
624Lesley HarrisonMississauga, OntarioFeb 18, 2021
623Melissa PaulinRimouski, Quebec Nov 03, 2017
622Dave WillfongRegina, Saskatchewan(SK) Jan 31, 2017
621Jamie WillfongRegina, Sk Jan 31, 2017
620michal willfongsaskatoon, SK Jan 31, 2017
619Mary SarsfieldOttawa, ON Jan 16, 2016
618Odete OliveiraToronto, Ontario Jan 07, 2016
617Liza Degli AngeliBurlington, Ontario Sep 07, 2015
616 jacinthe bergeronspanish, Ontario Aug 21, 2015
615Bria KulapragasamMississauga, Ontario Feb 15, 2015
614Jenn & Abby PellerinSudbury, Ontario Jan 24, 2015
613Jenn & Abby PellerinSudbury, Ontario Jan 24, 2015
612Jenn & Abby PellerinSudbury, Ontario Jan 24, 2015
611Jenn & Abby PellerinSudbury, Ontario Jan 24, 2015
610Julie MoorehouseNov 13, 2014
609Angela RowsellNewmarket , Ontaro Sep 25, 2014
608Michelle GaleaBurlington, Ontario Aug 01, 2014
607Kathy BolusPort Carling, Ontario Jun 24, 2014
606Valerie FrostOttawa, Ontario Jun 24, 2014
605terri-ann lassmanburlington, on May 29, 2014
604Lindsey ChurchillHamilton, ON May 27, 2014
603Anik GagnierCurran, Ontario May 10, 2014
602Ashlynn WhalleyBurlington, ON Mar 04, 2014
601Bethany Agnewcambridge, On Feb 20, 2014
600Nancy BryanParry.Sound, Ontario Feb 01, 2014
599Patricia(PAT) HudsonBurlington, On. Jan 19, 2014
598Lynne Gagnon Burlington, On Jan 04, 2014
597nia peskinnepean, ontario Oct 13, 2013
596Amber-Lyn SnowdenSarnia, Ontario Oct 10, 2013
595Bonnie ShaveUigg, PE Sep 12, 2013
594Lee OlsonLake Country, BC Sep 09, 2013
593Vicky ToonAncaster, Ont Aug 16, 2013
592Brenda GardnerBurlington, ON Jun 25, 2013
591Alex TrofastOttawa, ON Jun 10, 2013
590Maggie GoldenOttawa, ON Jun 10, 2013
589Wanda BaggsHowley, NL Jun 03, 2013
588Julie FentonLimoges, ON Mar 11, 2013
587s. jacksoncrystal beach, ontario Feb 18, 2013
586Brittany WhalenBay Robert's, Newfoundland Jan 12, 2013
585Gord Coburnburlington, on Jan 11, 2013
584Janet EvansNorth York, on Nov 10, 2012
583Elizabeth BlairAlmonte, ON Nov 04, 2012
582Laura HallCarleton Place, ON Oct 28, 2012
581Nicole RamsayParry Sound, ON Aug 23, 2012
580Tanya La RushToronto, oN Aug 22, 2012
579Bridget ShackletteAug 22, 2012
578Colleen StonemanKingston, Ontario Aug 21, 2012
577Nicole GagnonNorth Bay, On Aug 21, 2012
576Gino RedaToronto, ON Aug 21, 2012
575Kristi McKayNorth Bay, ON Aug 21, 2012

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